Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered at the MTS Mental Health Clinic?

MTS therapists offer confidential one-on-one therapy, family therapy and support, and group therapy sessions. The MTS MH team can also provide referrals to outside providers as well as coordinate care with any current services a student is receiving. The school based clinic works with other BHP programs, but is completely independent. 

What is the difference between mental health therapists and school counselors?

School counseling addresses issues students are facing concerning their school performance and classroom behaviors. Mental health counseling is more focused on the student's psychological and emotional difficulties. Students are able to access both services at MTS.

Who is eligible for services?

Any current student or their caregiver may request services, at which point they will be contacted by a MTS therapist to schedule an intake assessment. Students under 13-years-old need consent by their legal guardian to participate. If we are unable to meet your or your child's needs we will be able to refer the student to outside services. Call Peter at (253) 931-6709 x3748 to schedule an appointment.

Is there any cost to the student/family? Is health-insurance required?

Nope, all mental health services at the school are provided free of cost and we do not bill insurance.

When are appointments scheduled for?

Currently appointments are available Monday - Friday 7:15am - 3:00pm. The MH Clinic is open year-round, including during school breaks and over the summer. We are only closed during official Tribal Holidays. We strive to reduce barriers to receiving mental health services and will work with you and your family to make appointments work for as many people as possible. Call Peter at (253) 931-6709 x3748 to schedule an appointment.

Are services really confidential?

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously. Without the student and/or caregivers express written permission we cannot share what you tell us with other departments, agencies, or individuals. There are exceptions to this, such as if we suspect a child is being abused or neglected, if there is a risk of harm to oneself or to someone else, criminal activity, and if we have reason to believe an elder is being abused or exploited. Additionally, school administrators may require you to sign a release as a condition of a disciplinary action. Your therapist will go over all this during the intake assessment.