After School Math

There will be a certificated math teacher in the computer lab (room 2115) Monday-Thursday after school until 4:00 PM to provide extra, review, remedial, homework help,preparation for state testing or just to study math for FUN (and for no other reason).

Students - Come get the individualized help you need to pass your current math class,  pass the next state test, increase your MAPs score, or just for the pure enjoyment of learning something new!  Dan Williams is here to assist you.  Find where you are strong in math already.  Make sense of some math concepts that now confuse you, like today's lesson!  :-) Please take advantage of this opportunity to improve your math and problem solving skills!  No appointment necessary (except to make sure parents are aware of your schedule).  You can catch the 3:20 elementary bus if you need a ride home!  See you soon!