This course for the 2014-15 school year is an exciting opportunity to learn about the Muckleshoot's natural forest heritage and investigate a potential future career in natural resources. Over the year,we will explore the ecology, biology and natural history of the Pacific Northwest forests.   This will be done through many field trips-- to managed parks, teaching and working forests-- as well as classroom activities and learning.  From seed  to tree, and mountain to soil,  this class will look at forest life systems from the level of chemical processes taking place inside living cells to the level of ecosystem and biosphere.  Much of what we are studying will involve significant vocabulary, with a heavy emphasis on applying concepts, understanding and recognizing components in scientific research, and new knowledge that must be reviewed independently to achieve mastery.   The curriculum is being drawn from many sources.   Project Learning Tree and Pacific Educational Institute offer many activities we will use in class, but extra activities are included   so we can best meet the goals of the course, review state learning goals in Biology and scientific inquiry.

We will not work alone!  Many partners and professionals will be part of this class--from Hancock Forest Management, Green River Community College, Lincoln Tree Farm, National Parks, Muckleshoot tribe elders and educators as well as local park rangers and managers.  To represent the Muckleshoot Tribal School with Pride, professional presentation and workplace skills and demeanor will be part of our learning.