Choices/ Credit Retieval

The Choices class is a credit retrieval program for junior and senior students who want a second chance to graduate from high school. The program is designed so each student will have support and an environment which will allow them to work toward graduation. Many of our students have been away from school for extended periods of time. Therefore, we work on developing life skills and try to incorporate any interests or work experiences that they may have into their learning. Most of our students are very hands-on learners who need short term goals. We use small unit lessons in Language Arts, Math, History and Science. We take baby steps!! These steps provide skills that they need to have as well as the sense of accomplishment and pride.

Originally in September 2008, the vision for Choices was to provide support for students who needed to recover credits in their junior and senior years of high school. If a student failed or received an incomplete grade they could complete coursework in areas that were lacking and turn that grade into a passing grade for graduation credit. Our students work in groups, independently, or on computer programs.