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                       Muckleshoot Tribal School


All teachers and staff at Muckleshoot Tribal School are highly dedicated and work diligently to assist students in developing academically, culturally, socially, and physically. We believe in the holistic approach of teaching the whole child. Currently, we have 165 students in grades K-5. Our goals this year were to improve attendance, integrate more culture into the curriculum, and offer more opportunities for our students.

Attendance has shown steady improvement throughout the year with our second graders leading the way. Fifth grade has hit the top with 100% attendance several days within one week! We thank all of our parents and guardians for your support in this endeavor of having the entire school reach the 95% average daily attendance.

Our awesome Culture Team, along with every teacher, works daily to bring the teachings of the Tribe to the students and the staff. Morning circle is held daily; including announcements, prayer, drumming, and singing. Whulshootseed Language is taught daily through class lessons and integration of words into other subjects. Students create projects in Culture class for give-aways at Potlatch and Family Fun Night Gatherings. The healing art with the use of nettles is being taught through gathering, cooking, and making tea. Our tremendous garden project is in full swing thanks to the hard work of many staff and community members!

This school year we have been able to offer more activities to the elementary students through many people collaborating across Muckleshoot resources. Karate, snowboarding and skiing, on-site counseling, field trips to local forestry and fishery sites, swimming lessons, anti-bullying activities, Heroes Day featuring King County emergency services, and Rachel's Challenge were all a part of our school life and would not have happened without many, many people striving for the success of our students.